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Volume 3 Issue X

Author: Bushan Kumar
Organisation: Research Scholar, School of Education, Central University of Kashmir, J&K (India)
Email: bushankumar004@gmail.com
DOI Number: 10.30780/IJTRS.V3.I10.2018.005

This paper analysing challenges or barrier faced disabilities children or Children with Special Needs (CWSN). The main focus of paper for Inclusive Education (IE) is a new comes within reach of towards educating the children with disability and learning difficulties with that of normal ones within the same roof. It brings all students together in one classroom and community, regardless of their strengths or weaknesses in any area, and seeks to maximize the potential of all students. The paper illustrated that challenges and strategies to overcome the barriers for the improvement of the disabilities children in teaching learning process keeping in view these questions, this article discusses in detail the concept of inclusive education, challenges and proper strategies to implement inclusive education in India.

Keywords: inclusive education, challenges, strategies, Children with Special Needs.
Author: Maham Rasheed, Naeema Sarfraz, Raheel Ahmed
Organisation: Clinical Psychology Department, Government College University (GCU), Lahore Pakistan
Email: Mahamrasheedgcu@gmail.com
DOI Number: 10.30780/IJTRS.V3.I10.2018.006

The aim of the study was to explore the relationship between perceived psychological stresses, burn out (exhaustion, disengagement) among police constables (16-55 years). Sample of the police constables was taken from 5 different cities (Sheikhupura, Lahore, Narowal, Kasur and Farooqabad) of police departments. Perceived Psychological stress developed by Sheldon. Olden Burg Inventory developed by Baller and Demographic questionnaire was used for the assessment in police constables. The results indicated that there is a significant correlation between income, burn out and psychological distress. The major contribution of the results is that although the police constables performed the same duty and having the same responsibilities but the level of burn out, perceived psychological stress differs in five cities according to their occupational stress and demand of their jobs. As in the Lahore city there are more security needed and having political addresses from other cities.

Keywords: Stress, Burn out, exhaustion, disengagement, performance, Police constables.
Author: Gonap Elisha Gobin, Anake Clement Ukayi, Madaki kanati and Benjamin Umaru
Organisation: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management Federal University Wukari, Nigeria
Email: gonap@fuwukari.edu.ng
DOI Number: 10.30780/IJTRS.V3.I10.2018.009

Assessing the perceived tourism destination image of a place provides an important diagnostic insight into how tourists perceive the destination which is a very important marketing research tool for planning, development and promotion of her tourism industry. The tourism destination in Taraba State, Nigeria has witnessed tremendous attraction over the years from both domestic and international tourists. This research basically assesses the socio-economic implications of ecotourism development particularly as regards to resorts spots in the state such as the Gashaka Gunti National Park, the Rufu Rock and Water Falls, the Marmara Crocodile Pond and the scenic Mambilla Plateau. However, their socio-economic impacts were asses based on the level of international patronage and the level of integration of the people toward ecotourism development in the state. Data were collected by a combination of questionnaires, direct field observation and interview. Random sampling technique was adopted to verify the validity of the data collected in the field. Although findings reveal that between 2010 – 2016 there was a great variation in international patronage between the four resorts and also low level of awareness was another setback toward ecotourism development in the state. Nevertheless, ecotourism potentials in Taraba State has the capacity for job creation, poverty reduction, economic growth and general transformation of the entire state if all the stakeholders such as the government and private individual and the general public are committed toward the boosting and development of this laudable industry.

Keywords: Ecotourism, Socio-Economic, Destination, Development.
Author: Gomaa, R. B. A., Sanaa, S. H. Aly, Gomaal, M.A.
Organisation: Food Engineering and Packaging Department, Food Technology Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, Giza, Egypt, Horticultural crops Department, Food Technology Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, Giza, Egypt
Email: ramzy_gomaa@yahoo.com
DOI Number: 10.30780/IJTRS.V3.I10.2018.013

Experiment was carried out on artichoke flower heads of Balady cultivar “Cynara scolymus L.” in Sakha Research Station, Kafr El- Sheikh Governorate, Egypt during the season 2017 to study the influence of modified atmosphere packaging on the physical and chemical changes in the artichoke heads. Two treatments were studied to improve the quality and storability of the artichoke heads, the first treatment was packing artichoke heads in low density polyethylene (LDPE) and Polyester/ Polyethylene (PET/PE)} and control samples without packaging, the second treatment, was packing under modified atmosphere (5% O2+5% CO2 and 5% O2+10% CO2) and control samples packaged without modified atmosphere using the same packaging materials as the first treatment All artichoke heads packaged stored in refrigerator at 4±1°C and 90- 95% relative humidity for 5 weeks. Loss in weight, decay percentage, visual quality, T.S.S., ascorbic acid, total sugars and inulin were followed during storage. The results showed that the packaging materials, modified atmosphere, storage (Days), the two-way interactions and the three-way interactions were highly significant for all characteristics tested. Stored heads packaged in PET/PE were much better than those packaged in LDPE with all characteristics tested throughout the storage period as it possessed the lower loss in weight and decay percentage beside maintained the higher visual quality. In addition to contain more concentrations of T.S.S, ascorbic acid, total sugars, inulin compared with unpackaged heads (control). On the other hand, the heads stored in modified atmosphere either (5% O2+5% CO2 or 5% O2+10% CO2) exhibited that modified atmosphere existed lower loss in weight, decay percentage, higher visual quality, greater ascorbic acid and kept more concentrations of T.S.S., total sugars and inulin, comparatively to those heads packaged in without modified ambient environment. The heads stored in modified atmosphere (5% O2+10% CO2) showed less value in weight loss, decay percentage followed by heads stored in (5% O2+5% CO2) compared with heads packaged without modified. In addition the mean values of ascorbic acid, T.S.S., total sugars and inulin with modified atmosphere (5% O2+10% CO2) showed high values followed by modified (5%O2+5%CO2)   compared with that without modified (control). Generally, this study suggests storage artichoke heads in PET/PE package with modified atmosphere (5% O2+10% CO2)  at 4ºC and 90-95 % RH where this method significantly reduced the weight loss, decay percentage and maintaining the good overall appearance and most Physical and chemical properties for 5 weeks storage.

Keywords: Globe Artichoke, Packaging materials, modified atmosphere, physical and chemical changes.
Author: Yunusa Hassan, Ali Alhaji Hassan, Dr. Nazmul Hussain
Organisation: Research Scholar, Assist. Professor, Department of Geography, School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Commerce, NIMS University Rajasthan, (Jaipur), India M. A. Student, Department of History, Bayero University Kano, Nigeria
Email: contactyunusah@gmail.com
DOI Number: 10.30780/IJTRS.V3.I10.2018.017

Nigeria is faced with incessant conflicts largely associated with key common land resource users (farmers and pastoralists). Recently, ceaseless eruption of violent conflicts between farmers-pastoralists is closely associated with common land resource equitable access, especially over farmland trespassing, conversion of grazing reserves and routes. As both farmers and pastoralists have coexisted for a long time, the complexities over the land-use system have dramatically changed. These sorts of conflicts are highly characterized with loss lives, destructions of properties, cattle theft, destructions of farmlands, etc. The present study has attempted to examine some common allegations as well as unveiling the realities regarding these recent occupational conflicts in Nigeria. This is empirical study that is qualitative in nature which depends on both primary and secondary data. However, the primary data collected were collected through focus group discussions whereas the secondary data were generated from both published as well as unpublished governmental, non-governmental, peer reviewed studies, etc. This study revealed that curtailing these conflicts require proper understanding of various common allegations, accusations and realities by both common resource patrons as well as their respective authorities. These misconceptions that needed to be properly understood include; the fear of marginalisation and loss of identity, growing demands for food and shelter, illiteracy, inequitable common resource access, notion of indigenes and settlers, ethno-religious affiliations of these conflicts, cattle rustling, conversion of grazing routes, farmland trespassing, etc. The understanding of these allegations and realities will provide necessary background towards proposing appropriate modalities for curbing these conflicts from key patron perspectives. Lastly, the study suggested the adoption of user inclusive participatory institutional arrangement and provisions by all tiers of Government through heavy fine and sections.

Keywords: Common Land Resource, Conflicts, Farmers, Pastoralists, Nigeria.